David Clover Festival of Singing

David Clover Festival of SingingFollowing David Clover's sudden and premature death in January 1979, The City of Sheffield Teachers' Choir committee of that time thought it appropriate that there should be a memorial to him and to all he had done for Sheffield music, in and through the music department of the Education Committee, and for the Teachers' Choir.

At first it was thought that this should be an instrumental competition, but because David had brought the choir together through its members singing together as part of a music teachers' residential course, it was suggested that the competition should be a vocal one and so the David Clover Festival of Singing was born. The first David Clover Festival of Singing (David Clover Competition for Singers) was held in 1980 and was open to students of secondary school age. There were just two age categories.

The David Clover Festival of Singing is affiliated to the British International Federation of Festivals

For further information please visit www.davidclover-festivalofsinging.org.uk